Mary Marecek - Carry Me Home

About Mary...

  Mary Marecek is a full-time farmer and rancher with her husband deep in the heart of Texas. Her love of God and the land accompanies her adoration of gospel and country music. The songs that Mary writes reflect a rich, rustic heritage that celebrates the beauty of the human spirit.

"I do my best when I'm free from distractions. That's why many of my songs were written during many hours of driving the tractor. The farm and ranch life provides a great environment for writing gospel songs. I feel closer to God when I am surrounded by the land," said Mary.

 Adding, "The great thing about gospel music is that a catchy tune with an encouraging message stays with you during your day and overrides the negative chatter in your mind."

With lyrics like "My Lord, you are all I ever need...He alone is the one who makes my day," Mary's songs in her debut CD, Carry Me Home, are her prayers put to music - praise to God, conversations with God and inspiring thoughts from God.


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